Our Fort Payne, Alabama-based Main Street Program is fully functional thanks to volunteers who work every day to improve the local business landscape.

Our goals include reinvestment, job creation, and fostering community pride that leads to substantial growth and development.

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Become a Member

Fort Payne Main Street is a grassroots effort, community owned program, with the goal of building a strong network of visionaries that share our passion for protecting a vital downtown.

Memberships and Sponsorships allow us to provide a wide range of services and assistance, while meeting a variety of community development projects.

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A Cohesive Community

Throughout the year, Fort Payne is a place of fun and entertainment.

Local events & festivals celebrate the history of the town, the music of the mountains, and the seasons of the year. Young and old come out to enjoy the spirit of Fort Payne – as friends and neighbors become a community.

Ready to get together and have some fun? Check out our events calendar and see what’s happening!

Now let’s build


Our business education platform provides advanced training to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and makers by offering innovative theories, processes, and best practices through a monthly Lunch & Learn series and a quarterly Inspire event.